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Sports Mouth Guard

For those who play high impact sports, such as hockey or boxing, who want to protect their teeth

Ice hockey sticks
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Leather Boxing Gloves

How do Sports Guards work?

Sports Mouth Guards provide a protective barrier that cushions the teeth so they can survive a higher impact force. Sports Mouth Guards are crucial in protecting, not only your teeth, but also your tongue and jaw in high impact sports like football, hockey, or contact martial arts.

To make a mouth guard we only need 1 appointment and can usually deliver it same day. As always, at our first appointment we would perform a free consult to ensure a sports mouth guard is right for you. Then if we decide to go ahead with treatment, we will take impressions of your upper teeth.

We will then fabricate the Mouth Guard in house and deliver it as soon as possible.

If you are in need of a high quality Sports Mouth Guard, call us to book your free consultation appointment today by clicking here

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