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Night Guards

For those who clench or grind their teeth at night, we offer night guards to protect your teeth.

How do Night Guards work?

Night Guards are a protective barrier that you can wear over your teeth at night to alleviate the effects of nighttime clenching. They are softer than natural teeth, and as a result wont wear your teeth down as you clench them together.

Night Guards can be made in just a couple days, and only require 1 appointment prior to delivery.

As always, we would perform a free consult to ensure a Night Guard is the right treatment for you. If we decide to go forward with treatment we will take impressions of your teeth and record how your jaws come together in the same appointment.

Then we will fabricate the Night Guard in house and get you back to pick it up within a couiple days

If you believe a Night Guard is right for you, book your free consultation appointment today by clicking here

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