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Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are for those who still have their natural teeth, but need to have them extracted. They can be either complete or partial dentures.

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What are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate Dentures are generally the first set a person will get. They replace existing natural teeth that need to be extracted.

Immediate dentures can generally be done in 2 or 3 appointments depending on the condition of the remaining teeth. We will work closely with your dentist to make sure the dentures are completed before your extraction date.

As always, at the first appointment we will give you a free consult to ensure immediate dentures are the right choice for you. If we decide to go forward with treatment after getting a dentists opinion, we may also take impressions at this appointment.

Next, we will take a bite registration, which simply means we record how your jaws come together when you bite.

Lastly, once we have everything we need we will make sure that the denture is finished before your extraction date. Then you will take the denture to your extraction appointment, and the dentist will place the denture in your mouth.

After care is especially important for immediate dentures, 24-48 hours after your extractions we will need to adjust the denture to address any sore spots. 

Following extraction, the jaw bones will shrink away and become smaller for the rest of your life, when this happens the denture will loosen. To counter this lose of bone, we will have to put temporary liners in the denture to tighten it back up. This will generally be done at the 1 month, 3 month and 6 month check-up appointments. Around 1 year after extractions, the rate of bone loss will have slowed down enough to perform a permanent reline.

As healthcare providers, we firmly believe that treatment does not end at delivery. Instead we will always be open to you in case you are having difficulties with your dentures and will be by your side as you adapt.


If you believe immediate dentures are right for you, give us a call to book your free consultation appointment by clicking here

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